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Are we any better off now that the debt crisis is temporarily past us?

FLASH: Round Valley tribe to receive eight and half million dollars!

According to a brief article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat on 4/26/12, "Tribe to get $8.5M from feds," with a subhead, "Payment will settle lawsuit alleging century-ol mismanagement of assets, Round Valley Tribes-the modern confederation of the Yuki, Concow Maidu, Little Lake, Pomo, Nomlaki, Wailaki and Pit River tribes should shortly receive the funds resulting from a lawsuit filed by the tribe in 2006.

Finally, a modicum of justice for the wrongs of the past! The tribe, like too many US tribes today, suffers an 89% unemployment rate. The Round Valley Tribes VP Joe Dukepoo stated in a written statement, according to the writer Glenda Anderson, "Our people have historically endured irreparable trauma from the theft of our lands, the atrocious abuse of our ancestors, and the desecration of our traditions."

Dukepoo added, "It is our tribal goal to build and preserve our homelands in a manner that would make our ancestors proud, while ensuring sustainability for our future generations." The settlement is part of a suit made by forty-one tribes and a $1 billion judgment.

Personally, as I spent about eight years researching my book, I can attest that the writer, Ms. Anderson, is correct by repeating, "There is no timber harvesting or mining on the Round Valley tribe's land." The words are of council member Eugene Jamison, who added, "We're happy." Also, article author Ms. Anderson added that "according to the lawsuit, "The extent of the mismanagement is unknown because the Bureau of Indian Affairs [formerly, The Office of Indian Affairs under the War Department] failed to keep adequate records." When I started my research for my book I found that neither the State of California nor the OIA kept "adequate records."
Congratulations! I hope your tribe prospers and thrives at last!

I say, good luck and Godspeed you to your goal and your rightful place in California and the nation. I'm sure I am not alone in saying this.
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