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Yanks in the Redwoods, Carving Out a Life in Northern California, 1820-1880

The interactions of trappers, soldiers, sailers, Indians, Chinese, Kanakas,
Yankees, Southerners, Blacks, Portuguese, Scandinavians, Germans, Irish, Scotsmen, and Englishmen as they founded the north Mendocino Coast's foremost early towns of Mendocino City and Ft. Bragg.
This account uses unpublished diaries by John Work (1833), George Gibbs (1852), Etta Stevens Pullen (1864-1890), Lucy Young, (about her survival of the 1862-5, northern California's genocidal period, 1934) to sketch a unique picture of early life in the Northwest. The work includes two wagon train accounts (1843 and 1853) that debunk Hollywood's evil Indian myth.